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Great Partners Share Everything.

The Best Sales Reps Own their Business.


Meet MatchPa!

Your Direct-Alike Distributor


MatchPa is an Israeli Medtech distributor working completely transparently. efficiently. simply & together.

Combining big scale wisdom with small scale entrepreneurship!


We provide our partners:

Added Value

Complete Market Control

Same as your CRM, MatchPa provides comprehensive information on all transactions and leads, allowing you control over the market, exactly like in your direct channels.

Full Financial Visibility

Our partners have 100% visibility of all the revenues and expenses in the local market, i.e. logistics, registration, CS and sales.

Transparency is the name of the game.

Maximum Focus

Salespeople focus on a specific professional area.

Our partners gain maximum focus.

No more products sitting on the shelf, awaiting customer calls.

Maximum Profitability

Your salespeople are independent business owners, selling directly to customers. 

They have maximum incentive to increase profitability.


MatchPa allows you to work 

Direct-Alike without Cost!


We believe in transparency. There is no room for blurriness or for centralizing power within one 3rd party. Manufacturers deserve complete market control, full cost visibility, and focus on their products.

MatchPa allows manufacturers to better exploit their own assets and save distribution costs in the value chain process - all without added risk.


Changing the culture of sales channels. 

How does it work?
(Hint: the new version of distribution...)


01. We nominate a Matcher together


MatchPa will offer the right Matcher* to promote your portfolio in Israel. Based on skills and education that you will define (MatchPa will provide some alternatives). The Matcher will be an owner with MatchPa of the local distribution operation and will execute all sales and implementations.

*Matcher: an independent sales expert.


02. Using advanced infrastructure for an even more efficient workflow


Distribution services will be provided by an existing leading local infrastructure. Sales and implementation will be provided by the Matcher.

MatchPa will sign a distributorship agreement with Manufacturer. All relevant local responsibilities will be covered by MatchPa (RA, compliance, services, etc.).


03. Satistification guaranteed


You, the manufacturer, will have full access to all the data of the local activity. 

We see you as a real partner.

We are not afraid of sharing information... the opposite - we believe this is how partners should work.

This is why you may decide to stop working with us at anytime.


Small Scale Flexibility - Large Scale Wisdom

MatchPa combines the strength of a large enterprise with the dedication and business skills of an entrepreneur.

MatchPa is an active owner with a focus on each Matcher to promote growth and improve profitability.

  • What are the main differences between MatchPa and a regular distributor?
    The local activity is fully transparent and visible, including end-user prices, costs such as logistics, RA and of course - margin! MatchPa owns the local distribution activity together with the sales partner (Matcher), that will be appointed with your consent.
  • With whom does the manufacturer sign a distribution agreement?
    The distribution agreement will be signed between the manufacturer, MatchPa and the Matcher.
  • What services will be provided by MatchPa?
    MatchPa will provide the entire value chain services except for sales and application support (which will be provided by the Matcher) - this includes for instance: importation, logistics, regulatory affairs and compliance, customer support, invoicing, collection and accounting services, finance and all other requirements needed for a successful distribution operation in Israel.
  • Does a manufacturer need to pay for the services provided by MatchPa?
    No. MatchPa and the Matcher will profit from the distribution activity in the Israeli market. The margin will be completely visible to the manufacturer.
  • How is the MatchPa channel more efficient than a regular distributor channel?
    Three main reasons: End user prices will be determined by the business owner (Matcher). Reducing cost "factory to door" – MatchPa provides services to multiple manufacturers and sales partners. Due to scale, its services are provided at lower cost than smaller distributor companies. All data is always transparent and the 3 main actors (manufacturer, MatchPa and the Matcher) work together in harmony to improve the business results.
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